5th Grade Instructions

To get enrolled in our new Mobile Device Manager called ChargerMDM, you will need to follow the steps below. The Fifth Grade Teachers are asking students to start fresh and strongly recommend that you set up as a new iPad to simplify the process.

Need to save your photos, try transferring your photos to a cloud storage solution like google photos.

Fresh Start Instructions (not restoring a backup)

  1. Update your iPad to the latest version of iOS (10.3.3). If you do not have enough storage space to perform the update wirelessly, please use iTunes on your computer to update the iPad.
  2. Restore your iPad to factory defaults by erasing all contents and settings.
  3. Begin the setup process for your iPad.
    • You will click the home button to start.
    • Choose the language.
    • Select your region.
    • Connect to wifi. Choose the iPad Enrollment network if you are on campus.
    • Enable location services.
    • Choose Set up as new iPad.
    • You will see the following message on the next screen:
    • “Providence Day School will automatically configure your iPad.”
    • Enter your student’s PDS Charger Apps credentials (firstname.lastname) and password (email password).
    • Choose Set Up Touch ID Later then click continue.
    • Click Passcode Options on the next screen then select Don’t Add Passcode and click continue. Don’t worry if you setup a passcode or the touch ID. We can turn these off later.
    • Sign in with your student’s Apple ID. Click here for instructions to setup Family Sharing.
    • You can choose to set up Siri or not.
    • Click Get Started.
    •  Wait for about 10 minutes or until you see the self service app appear on your iPad.
    • When prompted, Allow self service to send notifications.self service app
  4. Open the self service app.
  5. Click on the apps, books, or links to install. Please note that purchasing apps is the responsibility of the family. Many of the apps are free. Also, you will need to approve the app request on your apple device since your students are linked to your account through Family Sharing.