Enrollment Instructions

PDS iPad Enrollment Instructions

  1. Begin the setup process for your iPad.
    • Power on the iPad (hold down the top button until you see an Apple logo).
    • Click the home button to start.
    • Select your language – English.
    • Select your region – United States.
    • Tap ‘Set Up Manually’ at the bottom of the screen when you see ‘Quick Start’.
    • Connect to Wi-Fi. If you are on campus during an enrollment period, your device will automatically connect and this step will not be shown.
    • Click continue.
    • Tap ‘Set Up as New iPad’ on the ‘Apps & Data’ screen.
    • Wait for the iPad to activate and retrieves it’s configuration, and tap ‘Next’ when you see the message: “Providence Day School will automatically configure your iPad.”
    • Enter your (or your student’s) Providence Day credentials (firstname.lastname) and password (Charger Apps email password). Once entered, tap ‘Next’.
    • If you already have an Apple ID, enter that when prompted. Click here for instructions to setup Family Sharing to create an Apple ID. If you would like to set this up later, tap ‘Forgot password or don’t have an Apple ID?’ then ‘Set Up Later in Settings’ and then ‘Don’t Use’.
    • Tap ‘Enable Location Services’.
    • Your iPad will now show you new features available in that latest version of iOS. Tap ‘Continue’ on each screen.
    • Click ‘Get Started’ when you see the message ‘Welcome to iPad.’
  2. Wait for about 5 minutes or until you see the Self Service app appear on your iPad. Launch the Self Service app by tapping this icon:self service app
  3. When prompted, allow self service to send push notifications.
  4. Tap on the apps, books, or links to install. Please note that purchasing apps is the responsibility of the family. Many of the apps are free. Also, you will need to approve the app request on your apple device since your students are linked to your account through Family Sharing.


If you ever erase your device through Settings, you will need to complete these steps again. Please reach out if you have any questions.