General Info

Providence Day’s One to World initiative is our response to ever changing needs of our students. As our global community interacts more and as technology becomes a vital, every day tool, we felt compelled to provide each student in 4th grade through 12th grade with a digital tool. Providing students with these tools is about more than internet access and mobile computing. This initiative is designed to empower our faculty and students to create the best possible learning opportunities that will create self-reliant, resilient, and active learners prepared for their futures, not our past.

Key Ideas of One to World Initiative:
  • Learning environments at PDS are “Both And” learning experiences that combine rich traditions and experiences with innovation and technology.
  • Learning is a student centered process.
  • Learning needs to extend beyond the four walls of a classroom.
  • Learning is an active process and providing digital tools empowers students to be more active participants in their learning experiences.
Learn more about the concept of One to World by reading Alan November’s article, Why Schools Must Move Beyond One to One Computing.